Common Challenges and Simple Solutions for Supporting Students with Disabilities in the Virtual Classroom

Virtual Victory! Free Webinar with Lisa Combs, M.A. Special Education, CAS

February 24, 2021 | 2 p.m. EST

Online learning has created unique challenges for students with disabilities. How do we provide structure and keep students engaged? Some of those challenges can be addressed with simple solutions. This webinar will cover how educators and paraprofessionals can support their students and create a virtual victory for all!

Webinar Topics Include:

  1. How to Create a Virtual Classroom Environment and Make it Interactive
  2. How to Use a Paraeducator or Co-Teacher Effectively
  3. Common Virtual Classroom Challenges
  4. How to Make Online Instruction Personal
  5. How to Anticipate Potential Difficulties

About the Author: Lisa Combs, M.A. Special Education, Certified Autism Specialist

Lisa Combs, M.A. Special Education, Certified Autism Specialist, earned her B.S. and M.A. degrees in Special Education from Ball State University with additional training in educational administration and applied behavioral analysis. Lisa’s 30 year career in education has spanned preschool through high school programs, and has ranged from classroom instruction to direction of student services to classroom consultation and job embedded coaching. Lisa is also the author of two books on autism by AAPC Publishing and is the author and publisher of the Best Friend Books series of children’s books for social emotional learning.

Lisa Combs is also the author of two Exceptional Child PD courses:

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