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IEPs and the Common Core

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by Carol Kosnitsky, M.S., M.Ed.

39 min

IEPs and the Common Core

U.S. National

39 min

Although not without controversy, the Common Core is adopted in nearly every state.

Learn its implications for students with IEP’s in this course. Creating individualized education plans for students with disabilities can be challenging. For educators in states bound by the Common Core, it’s imperative that you create IEP’s that will match the standards. Key principles are covered from the standards for literacy such as increasing complexity, gaining knowledge, and finding evidence. You’ll also learn about the math standards, including the greater emphasis on focus, coherence, and rigor. Additional components to consider for aligning IEP’s with the Common Core are also identified, and the course concludes with helpful tips and instruction.

Course Author

Carol Kosnitsky, M.S., M.Ed.

Special Education and RTI Consultant

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