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BIP Overview

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by Lynette Chandler, Ph.D.

47 min

BIP Overview

U.S. National

47 min

Challenging behaviors are often identified as one of the biggest difficulties for school staff.

Disruptive student behavior is much more than just a frustration for teachers. It can greatly disrupt entire classes and even negatively impact school climate. However, functional behavior assessments are proven to work. They also help create the basis for a remediation tool called behavior intervention plans. BIPs recognize that disruptive behaviors have antecedents or triggers, and that they can be replaced with pro-social behaviors. Moreover, teaching pro-social behaviors and reinforcing it with positive behavior supports can dramatically improve school climate. This course gives you a thorough overview of the tools and processes involving BIPs.

Course Author

Lynette Chandler, Ph.D.

Professor, Special Education, Northern Illinois University

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