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Managing Challenging Behavior: Part 1 - Antecedent Strategies

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by Kaye Otten, M.Ed., Ph.D.

44 min

Managing Challenging Behavior: Part 1 - Antecedent Strategies

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44 min

All teachers know there’s more to the job than just teaching.

You also have to prevent and address disruptive behavior so your students can focus on learning. Fortunately, effective classroom management is a skill everyone can learn. This course focuses on antecedent strategies from tier one of the Positive Behavior Support framework. Tier one antecedent interventions take place before problem behavior occurs, building a foundation that benefits all students and preventing the onset of problem behavior among low-risk students. We’ll explore three critical tier one components: (1) Expectations, Procedures and Routines, (2) Environmental Design and (3) Instructional Design.

Course Author

Kaye Otten, M.Ed., Ph.D.

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