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Managing Challenging Behavior: Part 2 - Consequence Strategies

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by Kaye Otten, M.Ed., Ph.D.

55 min

Managing Challenging Behavior: Part 2 - Consequence Strategies

U.S. National

55 min

When teachers prevent and effectively manage problem behaviors, students can focus on meeting their academic goals.

However, when problem behavior escalates, it disrupts the learning environment for everyone in the classroom. Fortunately, effective classroom management is a skill everyone can learn. In this course, we’ll focus on tier one consequence strategies from the Positive Behavior Support framework. Tier one consequence interventions take place after behavior occurs, with the goal of encouraging positive choices and discouraging problem behavior. We’ll explore three critical tier one consequence components: (1) Positive Behavior Recognition, (2) Consistent Instructional Response and (3) Data-Based Decision Making.

Course Author

Kaye Otten, M.Ed., Ph.D.

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