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Asperger's and Verbal Students with ASD - Part 1

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by Catherine Faherty

28 min

Asperger's and Verbal Students with ASD - Part 1

U.S. National

28 min

Many students with autism have verbal skills that make their disabilities less apparent.

This course will help you to understand and support them. For students who have historically been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, school can still pose significant challenges. Starting with a helpful review of the history of the diagnosis, you’ll learn recent changes in terminology that require the term Asperger’s to be discontinued. But the challenges for students with these disabilities still persist, and there’s a new classification called Social Communication Disorder. This course also identifies the many factors that contribute to the delay or prevention of proper diagnoses. With this foundation, you’ll be well positioned for the interventions in Part 2.

Course Author

Catherine Faherty

Autism Specialist, TCAC (TEACCH® Certified Advanced Consultant), and Authorized Social Story™ Trainer.

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