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EBD Overview

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by Doug Cheney, Ph.D.

44 min

EBD Overview

U.S. National

44 min

Many educators learn that sometimes the most difficult behaviors are cries for help.

This course gives you an understanding of emotional behavioral disabilities. A surprising percentage of students experience emotional or behavioral difficulties at some point in their adolescence. Statistics show that students with EBD’s are more vulnerable to lower grades, failing courses, higher dropout rates and higher unemployment. The good news is that are interventions that can help stem the tide. You’ll examine the definition of EBD, as well as how EBD’s are addressed in IDEA law. You’ll also hear ideas on how to identify students with EBDs. Mostly importantly, you’ll learn prevention and intervention strategies that you can apply in your classroom.

Course Author

Doug Cheney, Ph.D.

Professor, Special Education, University of Washington, CEC Conference Chair

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