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Developing Culturally Responsive Instruction

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by Donna Y. Ford, Ph.D.

32 min

Developing Culturally Responsive Instruction

U.S. National

32 min

Students who are culturally different may face challenges that can impact the quality of their school lives and educational outcomes.

These include high dropout and suspension rates, low academic achievement, poor student-teacher relationships and other difficulties. A number of interventions and strategies have been employed to address these challenges, with varying degrees of success. The approach you’ll explore in this course is based on the idea that culturally different students – indeed, all students – are best served by a curriculum that delivers culturally responsive instruction. In this course, you’ll learn how Dr. Donna Y. Ford's Bloom-Banks Matrix can be used to create culturally responsive instruction in your classroom that’s both rigorous and relevant.

Course Author

Donna Y. Ford, Ph.D.

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