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Social Stories: Ten Defining Criteria

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by Carol Gray

by Catherine Faherty

1 hour 6 min

Social Stories: Ten Defining Criteria

U.S. National

1 hour 6 min

For Social Stories to be valid as an evidence-based intervention, all ten criteria must be used.

This course will introduce you to each criterion. Social Stories, as an evidence-based intervention, was identified by the National Autism Center as one of eleven established treatments for autism. It’s popular around the world. However, as course author and creator of the intervention, Carol Gray, notes, many well-intentioned educators misuse Social Stories because they fail to take into account all ten criteria. This highly visual course walks you through each step and helps you to understand the value of each criterion. You’ll enjoy a well-grounded appreciation of how Social Stories can successfully be used in the treatment of autism.

Course Author

Carol Gray

Director, The Gray Center

Catherine Faherty

Autism Specialist, TCAC (TEACCH® Certified Advanced Consultant), and Authorized Social Story™ Trainer.

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