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ASD Overview (Essentials)

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by Betty Fry Williams, Ph.D. and Randy Lee Williams, Ph.D.

19 min

ASD Overview (Essentials)

U.S. National

19 min

In this abbreviated excerpt from the ASD Overview (Full Course), we’ll provide school staff with basic information about autism spectrum disorder – or ASD – and how best to understand students who have the disorder.

ASD is the fastest growing serious developmental disability in the United States. To understand the characteristics of ASD, you’ll begin with a study of three students with autism. This underscores that, while there are often areas where impairments are common, each child’s ability and skill levels are unique. The course continues with a discussion of diagnostic criteria, especially with recent changes to DSM-V, and how these changes impact the ever-increasing prevalence data. The definition of ASD is defined with clear examples of the symptoms common for students with autism. Lastly, you’ll look at other issues relating to ASD as well as the challenges faced by students.

Course Author

Betty Fry Williams, Ph.D. and Randy Lee Williams, Ph.D.

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