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School Safety for Students with Disabilities (Essentials)

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by Laura Clarke, Ed.D.

by Dusty Columbia Embury, Ed.D.

22 min

School Safety for Students with Disabilities (Essentials)

U.S. National

22 min

In this abbreviated excerpt from School Safety for Students with Disabilites (Full Course), school staff will learn that school emergency procedures are crucial to the safety of students.

However for students with disabilities, there is no national model for school-based crisis preparedness. In addition, very few school safety plans address the complex needs of students with disabilities. This course provides school administrators, staff members, special educators and paraeducators with the tools to better understand the safety needs of students with disabilities, and how to develop specific safety plans for students in the classroom. Topics include: school crisis challenges, school safety teams, creating safety plans, and tools for students to manage emergencies.

Course Author

Laura Clarke, Ed.D.

Dusty Columbia Embury, Ed.D.

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