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Reactive Attachment Disorder

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by Laura Clarke, Ed.D.

by Dusty Columbia Embury, Ed.D.

36 min

Reactive Attachment Disorder

U.S. National

36 min

While Reactive Attachment Disorder – or RAD – is considered a low-incidence disorder, for internationally adopted children, children in foster care and those who’ve experienced abuse or neglect, its occurrence can be much higher.

Students with RAD can experience symptoms such as an underdeveloped conscience, anger and control issues and an aversion to touch – all of which can negatively affect a child’s ability to form trusting, functional relationships. In this course, school staff will learn to better understand and support students with RAD by exploring attachment and disruption, common symptoms and behaviors and best practice interventions.

Course Author

Laura Clarke, Ed.D.

Dusty Columbia Embury, Ed.D.

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