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Self-Regulation Skills for Elementary Students

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by Lori Korinek

by Sharon deFur

51 min

Self-Regulation Skills for Elementary Students

U.S. National

51 min

Self-management, self-control and self-direction are some of the terms used to describe aspects of self-regulation.

This course offers the tools you need to help your elementary students with disabilities have more self direction in the classroom. Difficulties with self-regulation can happen with all kinds of students but are more prominent in students with mild to moderate disabilities. But you can still teach and support them in learning to exercise these skills in daily classroom life. In addition to self-regulation among students with disabilities, we will explore the classroom environment, rules and routines and instructional practices and assessment. If your students can direct themselves, they will spend more time learning and taking responsibility for managing their own classroom behaviors with less supervision from you.

Course Author

Lori Korinek

PH.D. Professor, Special Education, College of William and Mary

Sharon deFur

ED.D. Professor, Emerita in Special Education, College of William and Mary

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