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School Psychologist and Educator Partnership

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by Kellie Gray-Smith, Ph.D., LSSP

43 min

School Psychologist and Educator Partnership

U.S. National

43 min

Since Sandy Hook, there’s been a greater focus on student emotional and mental health.

Learn all about the value of the partnership between school psychologists and educators. You’ll enjoy a practitioner’s perspective from a school psychologist in one of America’s premier school systems. You’ll learn about the role of the school psychologist. There’s a great explanation of the history of school psychology and law. But the heart of this course is in its coverage of student mental health issues and school safety. Do we do enough to address our students’ non-academic needs? This course covers risk factors and evidence-based interventions, such as RTI and PBIS. It will help you contribute to a successful partnership in your school or district.

Course Author

Kellie Gray-Smith, Ph.D., LSSP

SPED Coordinator, Plano ISD

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