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Asperger's and Verbal Students with ASD - Part 2

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by Catherine Faherty

37 min

Asperger's and Verbal Students with ASD - Part 2

U.S. National

37 min

Students with autism can have strong verbal skills.

This course will help you become more aware of their learning styles so that you can better teach. You’ll explore topics like single-pointed attention style, theory of mind, and sensory processing. This course also lays out the challenges for learners with autism when it comes to central coherence, abstract concepts, and executive function. You’ll be introduced to numerous strategies and tools that you can implement, including organizers, checklists, mind mapping, list making, and flowcharting. Finally, the course culminates with a review of communication and social skills deficits. You’ll find this course to be fascinating and actionable with great ideas to support your students with autism.

Course Author

Catherine Faherty

Autism Specialist, TCAC (TEACCH® Certified Advanced Consultant), and Authorized Social Story™ Trainer.

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