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Dyslexia Awareness

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by Cathy Dodge Smith, Ed.D., RP

48 min

Dyslexia Awareness

U.S. National

48 min

Dyslexia is a learning disorder that affects many children – and even some adults – in your school.

Statistics vary, but most experts place the figure at 15-20% of the population. They will struggle with virtually every aspect of the typical school day. Therefore, every individual employed in the educational system needs to understand dyslexia. The goal of this course is to introduce school staff members to the condition of dyslexia and to methods of supporting students with dyslexia. We’ll do this by exploring the definitions of dyslexia, methods of supporting students with dyslexia, roles and responsibilities, dyslexia and learning styles, and dyslexia and the future.

Course Author

Cathy Dodge Smith, Ed.D., RP

Director at ADD, Dyslexia & Autism Associates Inc.

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