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Child Find

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by Michael Remus

38 min

Child Find

U.S. National

38 min

Child Find, a mandated component of IDEA law, has significant implications for all school staff.

This course will ensure that you understand the law. Through the Child Find Mandate, federal and state funding are provided to school districts – and in some states, charter schools – to identify children that may need early intervention services. Child Find, however, is not limited to just preschoolers. Child Find requires that districts help identify all students through ages 21 (and older in some states) potentially needing special education services. You’ll learn about key requirements such as public awareness, referral, tracking, screening and evaluation. The course concludes with a summary of compliance and the costs of non-compliance.

Course Author

Michael Remus

Director of Student Services, Sedona-Oak Creek Unified School District

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