ABA Overview

Autism Spectrum
ABA Overview

Applied Behavior Analysis is widely recognized as an effective intervention for autism. For decades therapists and educators have used ABA to help children with autism and other developmental disorders. B. F. Skinner’s research showed that behavior can be understood, predicted and changed, by analyzing the events that come before and after a behavior. This course equips you with an understanding of the relationship between antecedents, behavior and consequences, as well as stimuli and responses. You’ll also learn principles such as positive and negative reinforcement, punishment, and extinction. This visual journey will help you navigate the technical elements of ABA and appreciate how ABA can improve the lives of students with autism.

Course Authors
Betty Fry Williams, Ph.D. and Randy Lee Williams, Ph.D.
Dr. Betty Fry Williams is professor emeritus and former chair of Teacher Education and former coordinator of Special Education at Whitworth University, while Dr. Randy Lee Williams is professor emeritus and former chair of Special Education at Gonzaga University. Both received their master’s degrees in psychology at Western Michigan University and their doctorates in developmental and child psychology at the University of Kansas. They began working with children with ASD, and other disabilities, 45 years ago, and are co-authors of “Effective Programs for the Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders: Applied Behavior Analysis Models." They have individually researched, presented and written extensively on applied behavior analysis.


47 minutes