Child Find (Essentials)

Special Education Law
Child Find (Essentials)

In this abbreviated excerpt from the Child Find (Full Course), school staff will learn that through the Child Find Mandate, federal and state funding are provided to school districts – and in some states, charter schools – to identify children that may need early intervention services. Child Find, however, is not limited to just preschoolers. Child Find requires that districts help identify all students through ages 21 (and older in some states) potentially needing special education services. We’ll also discuss key Child Find requirements such as public awareness, referral, tracking, screening and evaluation.

Course Authors
Michael Remus
Michael Remus has a passion for inclusive education. As Director of Student Services in Williamson County, TN, he eliminated segregated special education classes. Michael is currently Director of Special Education for Deer Valley USD in Phoenix, AZ, where he is working to eliminate segregated schools and classes. He also consults with other school districts and provides individual assistance and training to parents and educators on special education issues.


22 minutes