Differentiated Instruction

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Differentiated Instruction

Differentiated instruction (DI) is teaching in a way that advocates active planning for the different ways your students learn. DI does not mean all students are doing different things all the time. In this course, we help you find a happy medium to instruct your students who work and read at different paces and levels as they learn in the same environment. You’ll be introduced to DI strategies and see real-life demonstrations of how to use those strategies in your classroom. When you finish this course, you’ll have the necessary tools to ensure that all of your students are working at their appropriate level of challenge.

Course Authors
Allison MacMahon
Allison has been a special education teacher for over sixteen years and has worked with students with emotional and learning disabilities. For the last six years she has supported students and teachers as an instructional specialist in Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS). As a part of the ACPS Instructional Team, she has provided tailored professional learning for teachers regarding best practices in the field of special education. She has been a presenter twice at the annual conference of CEC. She believes in strong collaboration among educators to provide students with disabilities specially designed instruction to support their success in life.


Nicole Barrion
Nicole Barrion has served in the educational field for over 18 years, supporting children, teachers and administrators through engaging and differentiated techniques. As a specialist in inclusive practices, Nicole has helped to develop and employ strategic plans to propel schools in creating effective inclusive environments. She has presented at national conferences to share strategies and tools that monitor inclusive practices. Nicole’s background as both a general education and special education teacher allows her to connect with both groups of educators. She is passionate about working alongside educators as an instructional coach, ensuring effective implementation of best practices for students with and without disabilities.


36 minutes