EBD Overview (Essentials)

EBD Overview (Essentials)

In this abbreviated excerpt from the EBD Overview (Full Course), we’ll provide school staff with basic information about emotional behavioral disabilities – or EBD – and how best to understand students who have the disorders. A surprising percentage of students experience emotional or behavioral difficulties at some point in their adolescence. Statistics show that students with EBD are more vulnerable to lower grades, failing courses, higher dropout rates and higher unemployment. The good news is that there are interventions that can help stem the tide. In this course we’ll cover basic information about EBD as well as discuss tips for effectively working with students with EBD.

Course Authors
Doug Cheney, Ph.D.
Dr. Doug Cheney has 40 years’ experience in special education and is a national leader in the area of emotional and behavioral disabilities. He was the director of Washington’s Behavior Research Center on Evidenced Based Practices (2004-10) and The BEACONS Outreach Project: Washington’s Positive Behavior Support Network (2003-9). He also co-chaired Washington’s Statewide Task Force on Behavioral Disorders from 1997-99, which provided a blueprint for the state’s positive behavior support model.


15 minutes