Social Stories Overview

Autism Spectrum
Social Stories Overview

Few evidence-based interventions have proven as effective as Social Stories. This course gives you a great foundation for understanding this tool. With rates of autism increasing, learning more about the power of Social Stories will help you to better educate, communicate with, and care for a student with autism. However, social stories can easily be understood and misapplied, which can reduce the efficacy of the intervention. This course lays the foundation by explaining the philosophy of the Social Story and why it’s effective with students. You’ll also learn more about social context and how it relates to autism. Then you’ll be introduced at a conceptual level to the ten criteria that distinguish Social Stories from other kinds of stories.

Course Authors
Carol Gray
Carol Gray is the Director of The Gray Center for Social Learning and Understanding and the developer of Social Stories™ and Comic Strip Conversations, strategies that are used worldwide with children, adolescents, and adults with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Carol has published several resources on topics related to children and adults with ASD, and is the recipient of the Barbara Lipinski Award for her international contribution to the education of people with ASD.


34 minutes