Special Education Introduction (Essentials)

Special Education Introduction (Essentials)

In this abbreviated excerpt from the Special Education Introduction: Elementary and Secondary (Full Courses), school staff receive a concise overview of elementary and secondary special education. Beginning with IDEA, including the key elements of FAPE, LRE, and transition services, we’ll cover the basics of legal compliance. Categories of disabilities are also introduced along with the seven step referral and placement process. Lastly, IEPs are addressed by looking at key components.

Course Authors
Gary Greene, PhD
Gary Greene, PhD, is a tenured full professor of special education at California State University, Long Beach, where he trains public school special education teachers in how to accommodate youth with special needs in general and special education classrooms. He has a strong background in teaching youth with disabilities, having worked as a resource specialist for 10 years in public schools. He also has an extensive list of publications and has conducted numerous local, state, national and international presentations on a variety of subjects related to special education.


18 minutes