New Trauma Courses

Trauma is the psychological, emotional response to a life event or experience that’s deeply disturbing or distressing to an individual. Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) are negative life events witnessed or experienced firsthand by children 18 years old or younger. Trauma is a widespread health concern that has become quite costly for schools around the world. It can affect a student’s cognitive ability – at times limiting rational thought, problem solving and other complex thinking skills often required in school – thereby limiting their academic potential. That’s why training in trauma-informed practices is essential to the everyday educational setting.

We recently released two new trauma courses in the Exceptional Child Online PD System. A third trauma course, Secondary Trauma Awareness, will be released soon.

Trauma Awareness

This course is designed to help school staff recognize the signs of trauma so they can help those students suffering from its effects. Topics covered include:

  • The main sources of trauma in school-age children
  • The categories of abusive behaviors
  • The effects of neglect and household challenges
  • Trauma signs and symptoms
  • Risk factors and the impact on future development.

Trauma-Informed Practices

This course helps school staff recognize the signs of trauma and employ trauma-informed practices to assist students suffering from the effects of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). Topics covered include:

  • Findings on trauma and its effect on children
  • Negative life events that contribute to trauma in school-age children
  • Trauma signs and symptoms
  • Effective trauma-informed practices.

About the Author – Tara Kfoury

Tara Kfoury, PhD, is an independent educational and mental health consultant at Boston-based R.I.V.E.R. Educational Consulting. As a researcher, she focuses on creating and teaching critical social, behavioral, and mental health initiatives and strategies. These strategies address anxiety, trauma, suicide, self-harm, and conflict for schools, community organizations, and sports associations. She has also designed and implemented essential protocols to effectively address students that may be at increased risk for harmful behaviors and negative coping strategies.

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