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Using Structured Teaching to Support Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Students with an autism spectrum disorder, or ASD, think, learn, and process information differently from most of their peers. Beyond the facts and figures of subjects like math and language arts, there’s an enormous amount of data that students must pay attention to, interpret, organize, and act upon. Students with ASD also need to observe…
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Developing a Successful Co-Teaching Partnership

The most successful teachers recognize that a team of teachers, students and their parents, and other faculty and administrators – a collaborative effort – creates the best chance of success for students, especially for students with disabilities or other special needs. What is Co-Teaching? Collaborative teaching, or “co-teaching,” matches this teamwork philosophy. According to co-teaching…
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New Course: Differentiated Instruction

Differentiation is a term frequently heard in education and can be listed as an expectation during classroom observations. But what is differentiation? And is it really feasible with the many demands placed on teachers working in increasingly diverse classrooms? In this course we’ll address these questions and show you how to make differentiation not just an…
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New Course: Developing Culturally Responsive Instruction

Students who are culturally different may face challenges that can impact the quality of their school lives and educational outcomes.   These include high dropout and suspension rates, low academic achievement, poor student-teacher relationships and other difficulties. A number of interventions and strategies have been employed to address these challenges, with varying degrees of success.…
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