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The 3 C’s of Paraprofessional Services in the Virtual Classroom

By Lisa Combs, MA, Special Education, Certified Autism Specialist We have all been faced with many challenges in the 2020 world of virtual interaction. One of the biggest faced by school support personnel is how to best support students with disabilities in the virtual classroom. Special education paraprofessionals play several critical roles in the provision…
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Paraeducators: Behavior Management Basics

At some point paraeducators find themselves supporting students who need more than academic help. Paraeducators play an important role in supporting the development of well-adjusted and well-educated students who grow up to be productive, fulfilled adults. While we often associate “school” with academic subjects like reading and math, it’s also a place where students learn…
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The Basics of Behavior Management for Paraeducators

In the course of a single school day, paraeducators might find themselves working with students in multiple classrooms and in other settings like the cafeteria, playgrounds, buses, or vocational settings. At some point during the day, they will probably be expected to support a student who needs more than academic help. Regardless of their specific…
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Library of Essentials Courses for Paraeducators Continues to Grow

Recognizing that schools and districts have limited time and resources for professional development for paraeducators and other support staff, we continue to expand our library of Essentials Courses to help meet this critical need. Essentials Courses are abbreviated versions of our full-length courses. These 15-20 minute courses help provide paraeducators and other support staff, especially…
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High-Quality PD for Paraprofessionals in Timberlane Regional School District

This case study comes from District Administration’s Special Report on Professional Development, which was originally published in February 2018. Two years ago, Elizabeth Rincon was seeking to end the last-minute scramble to cull professional development for approximately  125 special education paraprofessionals on days when teachers had preplanned PD. “Principals had to either swiftly get something together…
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New Essentials Courses for Paraeducators and Support Staff

As the school year begins, we know that many paraeducators may be new to the job or new to the specific classroom situation they will be entering. And with the urgency to fill these positions, there is often little time for professional development beyond the required on-boarding. But, we know that for paraeducators to be successful…
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[Webinar Recap] Legal and Ethical Issues Involving Paraeducator Employment, Supervision, and Training

Missed our webinar? No problem! Watch the recording to learn more about the important legal and ethical issues involving paraeducator employment, supervision, and training that administrators should be prepared to address as paraeducators play an increasingly important role in the education of students with exceptionalities. On April 12th, Dr. Kent Gerlach, nationally recognized for his contributions, research, and…
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10 Key Training Topics for Paraeducators

Paraeducators play an important role in supporting instruction, especially for students with exceptionalities. Dr. Kent Gerlach, nationally recognized expert on paraeducator professional development and Exceptional Child course author, recommends training on these key topics to help them be successful! Paraeducator roles and responsibilities Clarification of paraeducator vs. supervising teacher roles Understanding school and/or district policies…
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Two New Courses: Paraeducator Roles & Responsibilities; Supervising Paraeducators

Perhaps now more than ever paraeducators are playing critical roles in helping certified and licensed school staff serve an increasingly diverse student population. Under the supervision of teachers and other school staff members, paraeducators are asked to perform a wide variety of tasks, including preparing learning materials, assisting individuals or small groups of students and…
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