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Collaborative IEP Meetings

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act requires each child in a public school who receives special education and related services to have an individualized education program. The IEP is an instructional plan that’s based on a child’s individual needs and specifies the supports and services the school will provide to meet them. Parents are an…

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Addressing the Challenges of Dyslexia

At this very moment, your brain is undertaking a challenging and complex feat: making sense out of symbols on a screen. We call this reading. To many, reading seems like a natural act or something we’re hard-wired to do. That’s simply untrue. As expert reading adults, we underestimate and misjudge how difficult it is to…

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Helping Early Childhood Educators Support Students with Disabilities

The earliest years of life are full of rapid changes and transitions. Early childhood teachers are usually the first to notice when young children are not developing and learning as expected. Simple accommodations and modifications can benefit children with disabilities while others may need more specialized support from special education professionals. According to the National Association…

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