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Vector Solutions Launches Complimentary Coronavirus (COVID-19) Training Resource

Available to the General Public, Video Course Provides Critical Information & Tips to Stay Healthy TAMPA, FL – March 13, 2020 – Vector Solutions, a leader in eLearning and SaaS performance support solutions for the world’s most critical industries, has launched a complimentary coronavirus (COVID-19) video course designed to educate and help individuals and their loved…

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A Principal’s Role in Special Education

We all know that children need a safe and consistent environment in which to thrive. For many students, school is the most structured part of their lives – a place where they can get stability and support. While all school staff play a role in creating these surroundings, the principal is uniquely positioned to lead…

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Collaborative IEP Meetings

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act requires each child in a public school who receives special education and related services to have an individualized education program. The IEP is an instructional plan that’s based on a child’s individual needs and specifies the supports and services the school will provide to meet them. Parents are an…

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