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Bullying Prevention Month: Bullying and Students with Special Needs

Our mission is to help make schools safer and more inclusive. During Bullying Prevention Month, we’re sharing some intervention strategies that your teachers can use in their classrooms today to help prevent bullying, especially for students with special needs. The National Education Association estimates that every day 160,000 students miss school because of fear of attack or…

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New Courses: Managing Challenging Behavior

All teachers know there’s more to the job than just teaching. You also have to prevent and address disruptive behavior so your students can focus on learning. You have to be the manager in your classroom. Fortunately, effective classroom management is a skill everyone can learn. It requires that you effectively implement daily practices based in applied…

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New Essentials Courses for Paraeducators and Support Staff

As the school year begins, we know that many paraeducators may be new to the job or new to the specific classroom situation they will be entering. And with the urgency to fill these positions, there is often little time for professional development beyond the required on-boarding. But, we know that for paraeducators to be successful…

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